In Summary


The essence of One For All’s workshops and assemblies is the social model of disability. This values the talents of a disabled person and suggests that it is an inaccessible society which is disabling and if we all get the help we need to function then we are no longer disabled. This view discourages the opposing medical model of disability which suggests that the disabled person is the problem and must be changed in order to fit in with an inflexible society or be excluded in special institutions.

All of our workshops are tailor made to suit our audience, each one different from the last. We aim to create a friendly and interactive environment in which to promote inclusion in a new and interesting way. One For All utilise a variety of resources and techniques, which prove to be thought provoking and encourage any audience (whatever their age or agenda) to maintain and apply this information to a working context.


One for all meetings cover a wide range of issues involving the allocation of funds, best use of resources and implementation policies. Whether it be to offer advice or strategic planning we believe those who are affected by LEA decisions should be consulted. Our involvement is paramount as we have the experience to channel the powers of the LEA to benefit the community.
Schools: Teachers & Pupils

Our focused and diverse workshops are tailored to offer a positive view of disability and ensure teachers receive hands on training that will:

* build confidence
* consolidate knowledge
* provide a wide range of practical solutions

Our expertise will provide pupils with life skills they can take outside the classroom and develop in society. Our entertaining, vibrant and informative workshops will challenge perceptions of disability and transform any PSE lesson or assembly – its sure to be a lesson they won’t forget!