Monthly Archives: November 2003

Workshops and meetings

The workshops are back up and running now, as Maresa and Lindsey are invited to give a training workshop for Jenny Digges and the Newly Qualified Teachers’ Education Team. This is an entirely new audience for One For All and we certainly give them a challenge! Then things get a bit hectic and in the […]

Jenny Digges and the Newly Qualified Teachers’ Education Team

This was a really tough crowd! Newly qualified teachers have so much to take in when they begin their teaching careers that it is no surprise this was a challenge for them and for us, but we are sure they learnt from their experience. One For All would really like to work with newly qualified […]

Ollie Pardo and the East Midlands Parent Partnership Conference

This workshop was very successful! We feel it is so important to work closely with education professionals and parents because these people are the lifeline of a disabled child in mainstream school. In order to be effective in the inclusion process we feel education professionals need to work with One For All to maintain their […]