Monthly Archives: July 2003

Budgets, TV and the L.E.A.

Time has just flown by and One For All have already spent most of their budget and completed the Whizz-Kidz award scheme! It’s time to make plans for the remainder of the budget (which we decide should fund this website) and Whizz-Kidz invite us to stay in Stoke Mandeville to celebrate the end of the […]

Lynne Duckett and the Nottingham City L.E.A. Inclusion Team

This was One For All’s first interactive workshop for inclusion officers and was conducted by Maresa and Lucy, as Lindsey was unable to attend. One For All always aim to work together, but on occasions when this is not possible due to personal commitments we are well prepared to work in a variety of combinations […]

East Glade Primary School, Top Valley

It has only been a few months since our first assembly and already we are back to schhol again, which is great because we like to keep busy! This time we could relax a little because we felt more confident about our plans. We even added in a few fun extras because it was the […]