Monthly Archives: February 2004

Lynne Duckett and the Nottingham City SENCO Conference

One For All led one of many inclusion workshops in this conference. In this instance we were not required to present an interactive workshop, but instead put our communication skills to the test in a half hour speech about the experiences of young people in education. We highlighted the positive and negative aspects of our […]

Workshop Photos: Back To School!

Here you can see us in action – Girls on film! Walter Hall Primary School, Mapperley – May 2003 (assembly) East Glade Primary School, Top Valley – July 2003 (assembly)   Portland Primary School, Bilborough – May 2004 (assembly)   Fernwood School – 12th Sept 2005 Look out for more photos to be added to […]

Maresa and Lindsey meet Lynne Duckett

Maresa and Lindsey meet Lynne Duckett and lots of SENCO’s but this time they brush up their communication skills with a speech rather than a workshop. Maresa and Lindsey share their experiences of education, while Lucy shares her drunken university antics with them! Well it’s all part of the experience coz you have to unwind […]