Ollie Pardo and the East Midlands Parent Partnership Conference

This workshop was very successful! We feel it is so important to work closely with education professionals and parents because these people are the lifeline of a disabled child in mainstream school. In order to be effective in the inclusion process we feel education professionals need to work with One For All to maintain their training and listen to the views of young people today, so they can personally understand the greater needs of every child they work with.

More importantly, parents need to work with One For All so they can see inclusion at work and make a more informed choice about what is best for their child. The inclusion process is often unknown to many parents, while others are very daunted by it, but One For All can offer their support.

Ollie said,

‘One For All provides real solutions to aid inclusion in the modern education system today!’

Another workshop member told us,

‘Their workshop was unlike anything I’d attended before. It was so new and refreshing!’