Lynne Duckett and the Nottingham City SENCO Conference

One For All led one of many inclusion workshops in this conference. In this instance we were not required to present an interactive workshop, but instead put our communication skills to the test in a half hour speech about the experiences of young people in education. We highlighted the positive and negative aspects of our personal experience at school, as we feel it is vital to give SENCO’s the information they need to improve their skills and sometimes the best way to do that is to simply tell them how you feel. One For All’s greatest asset is their experience.

Unfortunately Lucy had commitments at university and was unable to attend the conference but she did contribute a piece to the workshop and raised a few smiles with her tales of fun antics with her friends and mobility scooter.

Lynne told us

‘It was so good to work with One For All again and see them in a different role to the last time we met.’

SEN development officer Brohna Dart said

‘All in all SENCO’s thoroughly enjoyed the day and went away inspired!’