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“I want to talk about us, who can’t talk, taking part in ordinary life. It’s about learning, real learning. It’s about learning who we are, and how we think, and how we can contribute to the wider understanding of humanity.”

‘TAKING THE TIME’ is a book that contains the first ever collection of Maresa’s writing from the past decade. In these years Maresa created keynote presentations at conferences and workshops across the UK and beyond; always unique in their perspective Maresa’s thought-provoking essays are fearless in challenging how we do and don’t build relationships in the 21st century. Maresa knows there is still much to be done to secure the full inclusion of those with significant support needs in our societies and even more to be done before we recognise and nurture their unique contributions to the health of those societies. If you are looking for writing that will severely challenge your thinking about disability and difference and– this is it.

“I want to give to the world. I watch, listen, and think. I am not distracted by endless things “to do”, as I can’t do them. I need help to express myself, as I can’t talk on my own, and if I didn’t have physical help I would die. I can still give. The experience of being hidden away, with the assumption that I was worthless, still haunts me with a terror I can’t describe. Nobody should be put through that. Yet there are hundreds forcibly excluded from life everyday.
Listen to us, we can teach you.”

ISBN: 978-0-9546351-7-6
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