Lynne Duckett and the Nottingham City L.E.A. Inclusion Team

This was One For All’s first interactive workshop for inclusion officers and was conducted by Maresa and Lucy, as Lindsey was unable to attend. One For All always aim to work together, but on occasions when this is not possible due to personal commitments we are well prepared to work in a variety of combinations or even go solo. Other members always contribute to the preparation of sessions they cannot attend and they are represented in such situations.

Here we really got those inclusion officers thinking strategically and made them work interactively. They had to ditch the text books and come out from behind those isolated desks! They had to live up to their name and work like a team to make the barriers wall and then find the solutions to break it down and make inclusion work.

Afterwards Lynne told us,

‘It was so important for education and inclusion officials to hear the views of young people in education today.’

Another inclusion officer said,

‘We all learnt so much from One For All. Their workshop really brought important inclusion issues to life!’