Budgets, TV and the L.E.A.

Time has just flown by and One For All have already spent most of their budget and completed the Whizz-Kidz award scheme! It’s time to make plans for the remainder of the budget (which we decide should fund this website) and Whizz-Kidz invite us to stay in Stoke Mandeville to celebrate the end of the project with other award winners and collect our certificates. Whizz-Kidz are really pleased with our achievements so now it’s party time!

But our plans for One For All don’t stop there because things have only just begun! We return home and are invited to give another assembly, this time in Top Valley at East Glade Primary School. This assembly is more fun than the first one because we feel more confident with what we are doing and it’s the summer so the kids are in high spirits. We take them some sweets, which goes down very well and the kids enjoy singing along to Lucy’s clarinet playing and a pop song backing track. We have become inclusion trainers and pop idols – even the staff can’t resist joining in!

Now things get really interesting. Its Carlton TV’s disability campaign week next month and they want to feature Maresa and her role in One For All! So its lights, camera, action and we begin filming on location in Nottingham – from the pub to the shops. We even manage to blag a few freebies from the shops that were part of the film. Didn’t get a free pint though! It was great to have a taste of celebrity as an entourage followed us around the city and attracted a few glares.

Unfortunately filming has to end and it’s back down to business! But before we part Carlton T.V make a contribution to the currently empty One For All bank account, so a BIG thank you to all at Carlton T.V!

The services of One For All are now required by the Nottingham City L.E.A so we have to get our thinking caps on once again. Now Lindsey has to depart to Euro Camp for the summer so Maresa and Lucy take her contributions to the workshop with them. This is the first time Maresa and Lucy have been in front of education officials as One For All, but it goes really well and its great fun to see them at work breaking down the barriers. They seem to enjoy it!